Creative 1 Kids LLC

Creative 1 Kids has been in the design engineering business since 1967 in New York. In 1970 we began our own manufacturing business and in 1972 we began working with companies along the Pacific Rim. The majority of our work has been toys, consumer electronics, automotive design and component manufacturing. Since 1994 we have had office facilities in Hong Kong.


Creative 1 Kids is an international supplier of wooden train track accessories. Our large assortment of attachments include trees, lamp posts, bridges, cranes and more! The newly designed Trak 2 Brik attachment allows you to attach your wooden track directly to most pegged plastic construction bricks!


Toy Trains & Accessories

Trak 2 Brik Clips

Connect Train Tracks to Construction Blocks!

Bridge Sides

A Wide Assortment of Attachments!